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Hotel Sapphire



Hotel Sapphire is one of 1 hotel style properties to choose from within the Wellawatta City area. Continue reading “Hotel Sapphire” »

Global Towers Hotel & Apartments



In the Wellawatta Beach Front area, Global Towers Hotel & Apartments is one of 2 hotel style properties that you can choose from. With a total number of 5216 Unirez properties around the world, 6 of these properties are located in Colombo. Continue reading “Global Towers Hotel & Apartments” »

Colombo Courtyard



There are a number of choices of hotel style accommodation in Colombo. With 109 to choose from, Colombo Courtyard is a great option. Continue reading “Colombo Courtyard” »

Casa Colombo Hotel



Casa Colombo Hotel is one of 12 hotel style properties to choose from within the Colombo 3 area. Some common positive comments most recently made by guests include “Rooms are large and creatively designed with every modern amenity – with a twist – you could possibly think of”"But central Colombo it is not, chic restaurants and shops in this area are few and far between, Continue reading “Casa Colombo Hotel” »

Hotel Kanaro



Sairas Garden Hotel is one of 109 hotel style accommodation located within Colombo. Continue reading “Hotel Kanaro” »